Friday, May 28, 2010

"Two year Old Smoker"

I was unbelievably shocked and disturbed by the images plastered on the television screen of a two year old boy from Tianjin in China smoking cigarettes.

It was reported that this boy's father had encouraged his two year old son to smoke to alleviate hernia pain. How incredibly selfish is this father?

I am flabbergasted by the complete disregard for the health of his own child. Does this man not know of the dangers that smoking has on a fully grown adult let alone a child beginning their life?

This child was able to demonstrate that he could draw back and inhale the deadly concoction of chemicals. I could not stop looking at this poor child. His parents should be ashamed of their obvious compliance in this travesty against this child's human rights.

This is quite simply child abuse; I hope whichever television studio broke this story informed the parents of the danger they are placing their child in.

Now this child has a forty cigarette a day habit; a two year old addicted to nicotine!
I am distressed by the fact that man can be so cruel to fellow man. It seems to be that children seem to get placed in the crossfire.

In this case cruelty begins at home.

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