Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Is it an historical election?

Australia's first female Prime Minister is an enormous achievement, but it comes with a cost. Yes Kevin Rudd's Prime Ministerial leadership at times had been questionable, yet we have forgotten now that there are many front bench Ministers who have made huge mistakes within their portfolio's during his leadership.

I am clearly stating the obvious; the "Education revolution", the "Insulation debacle" not to mention the "Climate change policies". However I would like to know why we think that life will be any better under the leadership of Julia Gillard. I do not think that Tony Abbott or any current politician could do any better.

What I am stating is that we have forgotten what it is we want our voted politician's to do for us and our politicians have forgotten why they entered into the profession. There are so many reasons why today we have no one to lead the people. It is as if politics is a stepping stone to a cosy retirement. One which the constituents do not have the opportunity to have.

We vote them in and out because we have no choice. So much for democracy. Voting today is like a popularity contest. It is like High School all over again. I wonder if we truly ever grow up.

Well where do we go from here, I have absolutely know idea. I am unsure who could lead this country successfully. It is great to think that a female Prime Minister could be a reality but we cannot forget that we need rounded policies that help all Australians. Not just a certain demographic.

I suggest there will be many voters going to the polls simply under obligation and not because of good policy!