Friday, May 7, 2010

Mother's Day Memories

Isn't it interesting that the older you get the insignificant Mother's Day seems; especially when it comes to receiving presents. Don't get me wrong, I do enjoy receiving presents but as my kids are now nearly grown I feel as if it can just be another day.I guess I am one of these people who enjoys giving rather than receiving!

One of the other things that is evident not only at Mother' Day but all major present giving times of the year; is the enormous amount of hysteria that happens to the human race just before the day. Everybody seems to go insane at the thought of not having a present ready on time. Oh No I haven't got a present! So everyone precedes to trample each other in the race to find something that they think the so called person will love.

I think the media and the advertising agents have a lot to answer for: the influence they have over the herds of humans who partake in the pilgrimage to shopping centres because if they don't the world will explode! We try to think we cannot be influenced by anyone, but now that Mother's Day has become this mass marketing ploy to separate us from our money we stick to it like a moth to the light!

All the catalogues we receive in our letterboxes presume that Mother's want another kitchen appliance, another pair of pyjamas and another pair of slippers! As if we want to live in the kitchen, slave over a new appliance, try to fit more pj's into an already full drawer and get the same old slippers each year!

Somehow I think we have forgotten the reason for Mother's Day, I am trying not to sound like I am preaching here, but we have! What happened to just being happy with the gifts from the school Mother's Day stalls, and the idea of spending quality time with the very members of the family who purchase these presents.

I know why! We are brainwashed into believing that it is never enough! More, More, More!
Consumerism in all it's glory is on show for all at your neighbourhood shopping centre.
We only have to look at the recycle centres to see that we consume way too much and just one look at your local tip will emphasis my point!

Where do I end this interesting topic? I know, I will be trying to mend my ways; not flying into the light will be an astronomical feat; we all have been programmed to spend and spend big!

So go forth and resist the temptation, a death defying feat I know.

Mother's Day without expensive presents.

How dare I even think it!

Oh well I will give it a try, next year!

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