Saturday, January 7, 2012

'Rack and Ruin'

There was this saying my mum and my nan use to say to us kids; 'If you do not clean up your room everything will go to rack and ruin'. It is funny as you get older you realise that they were right. What does that mean in the scheme of my life, well it is now becoming the voice in my head as I try to go through all the rubbish I have accumulated in the last two and half years of study!

I thought it would be a good idea to somehow clean up my tiny work space in order to prepare for the last year of my Bachelor Degree; well it has been harder than I thought because without even knowing it I have been placing papers I have lately received (since the 2011 academic year finished) on top of the already mess that is my desk.

So, what do I do now you say?

I think I will leave it all there and clean it up when I finally finish my course. I know! It is imperative I am organised but I just keep telling myself, 'I am on holidays!'

Happy reading and writing to you all . I hope that cleaning your space has been easier than mine!