Monday, May 17, 2010

"A Man's Home Is His Castle"

While watching a current affairs program last night, I was enraged!
I sat quietly and observed time and time again the avoidance of a politician to answer some simple questions.

The issue raised by the program was the governments ability to acquisition your land for whatever and whenever they like.

What is the point of dreaming the ideal, wanting the whole white picket fence, if they can come along and take it?

Why should we go through life, working our guts out to afford this dream, to only have it ripped out from under your nose.

The land that we thought was ours is simply not ours at all. We pay out our hardworking money to the banks in the hope that we are purchasing something we can call our own!
According to this story presented the government can come in and demand your land whenever they want it. What happened to "A Man's Home Is His Castle"?

Obviously this has been a false ideal; a lie, a tool used to lure us into buying safety, buying security. What security, if it not really ours?

Apparently a loop whole in the law allows companies to come in and place whatever they like on your land. In the end that patch of land belongs to them. No argument!

Interestingly enough the government have negotiated a deal with another country to supply them with a particular resource. This resource is abundant in certain areas. Amazingly this resource has supplies for the next 200 years!

What happens after that? What happens to the land once it has been reaped of all its resources?
What's to say these companies won't want to take more land from these same land owners.
According to the laws they are entitled to do so.

Just because you are entitled does not mean you have to!

The Minister who oversees these practices does not even know what the ramifications are for the environment! Does that not ring alarm bells?

I am horrified at the thought that home owners could be forced without compensation to give up that dream. Everything they have worked for and more could be potentially stripped from them.

I am sure that if it was known that your property had an abundant natural resource, they would acquisition it for the "good of the country".

Here is an example of the government taking what they want when they want without any thought to the consequences. I think there needs to be more tweaking of the laws that condone stealing of ones "Castle".

I thought we were advertising the Australian dream! Sorry my mistake!

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