Monday, May 24, 2010

"Theory - Bullying Is Good For Your Children"

Okay who said bullying is good for our children? Well apparently a survey conducted recently stated that bullying encourages our children to become tougher. It helps our children be more assertive.

I am a parent of two now grown boys who have at times over the years been bullied in some form. For being the new kid, for maybe looking different in some way, or for just being in the wrong place at the wrong time. I am sorry but you cannot tell a parent that it is for their child's own good to be bullied.

I can only speak from my experience but all children should be able to feel safe at home and at school. Sometimes I think these surveys are conducted to drum up controversy, to somehow get funding for these institutions who deliver this kind of drivel out into the public.

It is hard enough for some parents to get their children to want to go to school. I think this kind of survey is setting a bad precedent. It could contribute to school bullying programs becoming non existent.

Do we need to give anymore ammunition to classroom bullies?
Oh it is for your own good so chin up and carry on.
I do understand that bullying procedures at schools are hard to implement. However after so many visits and phone calls over the years to the schools my boys attended regarding bullying, I am appalled that we would now condone such behaviour.

Even paying out tax payers money for someone to produce such a survey is ludicrous.

Haven't we come along way in recognising bullying for what it really is?
We have all heard the stories about children committing suicide from constant bullying.
This survey has just put back all the good work that has been done in our schools.

It did state that they are referring to name calling and a little bit of push and shove.

Well with today's technology we have seen an increase in bullying via Internet sites and text
messaging; isn't that name calling?

This only reiterates why bullying programs are so important.

I think we are way beyond the name calling and the push and shove debate!

It is a serious social issue that deserves priority.

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