Sunday, May 9, 2010

Sleepy Sunday Morning

Everyday of the week is spent rushing here and driving there, I don't seem to have what they call down time! Don't get me wrong I do love my life however it all depends on that one day in the week where you body knows that it does not have to rise from the pillow!

Aren't Sunday mornings the best? It is as if every inch of your body is in relax mode, you cannot wake from the slumber until your body and mind is rested. To rise into the day and find a strip of light hitting you dead smack in the face. In comparison to waking when it is dark to start your day.

Waking to brunch at 11.30 am is great! Breakfast and Lunch rolled into one.

The only problem with this scenario is that you miss the best of the day and half of your Sunday is gone. It all revolves around balancing whether you want slumber on the one day you don't have to appear early; verses jumping out because this is what you do everyday.

The other downfall is that your body feels like it is still asleep; it takes almost the rest of your Sunday for your body to wake up!

Life is good though don't you think? I do however remember what it is like to have young children around to keep you from sleeping your Sunday away.

I guess this is what all parents aspire to, when they set out to have babies. The day that they can look after themselves and you can get up whenever you like!

I can tell you that when that day arrives it is heaven!

I think the slumber for one day a week outways missing the days dawn!

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