Monday, January 24, 2011

'Preparation Is The Key'

My mind is running with ideas for a class assessment beginning this year. I have the overall concept ready but I am keen to get stuck into the practice and writing involved in bringing this project together.

My preparation skills have kicked in and I am frantically piecing together the bits of research needed to get started; come the start of semester one.
I will need a lot of ideas and alot of research items; which at times I have found difficult.

It is clear that I have been extremely lazy this holiday break; let's reflect: I have read a chapter of one book; I have written one short story; I've entered one competition; I have purchased a prop of sorts for my project and I have put together some research. Although it sounds like alot, it really sums up my inability to get motivated.

I hope that when classes return I can get straight back into a routine. I do believe that preparation is the key to success. Maybe by the end of this year I will have prepared myself for some interesting but productive writing.

I need to learn to bridge the gap between lazy holiday experiences and prepared and productive writing!

Oh well! Two weeks to go and atleast I have started preparing!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

'The Utterance Of A Word'

It is interesting how the evolution of a single made-up word can creep into everyday language. Last year in class we were talking about this very subject; expressing how we thought some 'text language' would journey into our lives and make its mark on society.

Well, I was watching a little TV whilst enjoying my lunch, and an advertisement popped up, which entailed the very thing I hoped I would never see! Yes everyone, dare I say it; embed it in my life forever; allow it to be a part of my blog, indefinitely!

Well I must tell you that with protest, I reveal the 'word' or 'letters' that was strewn across the screen as 'LOL'.

I couldn't believe my eyes as I nearly choked on my salad sandwich. Some of you may think that this is just the evolution of language, but I do not. I guess that it may have a place in text messaging; allowing for emotion to creep into the very impersonal technology, but it doesn't have a place on our screens.
Are we to see in the near future all text language being used to advertise products or television programs? That all laughter in ads will be expressed via the letters 'L O L'?

Does it mean that to appeal to 'Gen Y', we have to abort proper language skills; distance ourselves from the importance of grammar, until we have one-on-one conversations that include these letters as real words?

We all know the power of the Media (including advertising) on how we perceive the world; especially for the young. What is considered 'cool' can be attributed to what we see on the TV and the internet.

Some may say this is progress. I think it's not giving 'Gen Y' the communication skills needed for their ever approaching adult lives.

One day we will be asking ourselves this question:
What happened to the sound of laughter?

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

'Short Stories Verses Novel Writing'

Although I have all these ideas for novels, I find myself thinking of short story topics instead of trying to develop my book. Lost in the world of short stories, I risk working on my novel ideas, which, if I do not put down on paper soon, I will go crazy.

Maybe these ideas haven't stop brewing yet. At the moment I am spending a great deal of time procrastinating (as we know I am a big procrastinator), rather than doing.

I like writing short stories and I am sure no matter what I write, it all contributes to my development as a writer. However, this can be annoying!
I sometimes think 'I get in my own way' hoping that the story I am working on will be perfect. I must learn to keep writing instead of thinking of the perfect story; or what I think is perfect!

My desk is full of notebooks that are consumed with ideas that one day may see the light of day; I just want to concentrate on one thing at a time!

I did say I wanted to treat my writing as a job so that I could make sure I would write something every day, but at the moment I don't have a quiet environment in which to work.

Obviously, short stories, is where my head is at this time and I need to follow it to see where it takes me.

Edward Young (English Poet 1683-1765) said:
'Procrastination is the thief of time'

Monday, January 10, 2011

'A New Year of Writing'

It is upon me to embark on another year of studies and most of all another year of developing my writing skills. I am looking forward to getting my hands dirty this year; pushing my pen to the limit and rescuing those tid bits from my brain that can be the starting of a great story.

What's in store; I haven't a clue! I will however try to do my best and hopefully come out of it with some good results.

I heard a young writer say once that she treats her writing as a job; my New Years resolution is to do just that! I want to spend as much time creating as possible and I hope that I can juggle all the study as well.

If I proceed with this concept, I will have to work at my writing everyday. This is going to mean a lot of sacrifice. My family will have to get used to the added noise of my keyboard as I try to put into practice this philosophy.

It has been hard to get into a rhythm over the break, but I am hoping to conquer my demons and proceed with vigour. Look out! Triumphant I will be!

Norman Vincent Peale (American Writer and Minister-1898-1993)once said:
'All successful people have a goal. No one can get anywhere unless he (or she) knows where he (or she) wants to go and what he (or she) wants to be or do'