Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Art of Suffering Sea Sickness

Exhausted, emotions running wild, I am unlike anyone I have ever known!

Most people suffer a little sea sickness in their lifetime but manage to get over it! It is usually a childhood disease that you grow out of; isn't it?

Obtaining your licence to drive, gives you a reprieve from the nauseas family trips up winding mountains. Those trips in which your parents torture you with so it takes more than a week to recover from.

What if this isn't true. There must be other humans out there who have the same childhood condition long after they have passed puberty. In fact thirty years after puberty!

My trip entailed not the ocean but the bay; the journey only took forty minutes each way but extremely "green" I was.

I felt like Bugs Bunny in that cartoon when he is descending in a plane from 30, 000 feet. You catch him going blue, then green until he faints! Very funny cartoon I must say!

However at forty years old, I still cannot travel without reverting back to that ten year old child in the back seat of the car vomiting into a bag.

Again I stress that it was only in the bay!

I do not think that I will ever be able to take a cruise, to say Europe without never emerging from my cabin toilet.

I cannot read in a car or bus or plane and of course a ferry, I must sit and watch the distant horizon line so that I do not spend hours after with my head in the toilet.

I have tried all sorts of remedies from patches to bracelets to sniffing citrus. Everyone who finds out about my uncontrollable urge to throw up, has a remedy to cure it.

Is there any new remedies that have been discovered for people like me who cannot control their stomach?

I find that when I leave the boat I have to eat anything that contains salt, grease and sugar. This if not right, helps me feel better.

In this instance Chicken Parmagiana did the trick! All was well till I had to make the return trip!

Well it is the next day and besides feeling tired I am still battling the effects of sea sickness.

Is there any other bloggers who suffer as much as me?

Are boat, bus and plane rides all torture? Let's just place all moving transportation into the list as well.

I have learnt the hard lesson about not travelling on a boat mid winter.

I am sure I will recover from my escapade on the high seas of the bay soon!

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