Saturday, May 15, 2010

"See No Evil, Hear No Evil"

Everyday the newspapers are full of stories relating to child abuse in some form or another: isn't the theory stated that if we see and hear it enough the issues become part of the very lives we lead! We have become desensitized to the very issue we despise.

Do not get me wrong I think we need to make these sorts of issues public, but can't we rally our politians and our law makers to stop making excuses for not implementing laws of punishment; ones which are parallel to the views of the people.

What is wrong with us that these criminals get less sentences for these horrific acts performed on children! Children! These are not consenting adults; these are children!

The sentences imposed on child abusers are sometimes less than someone who breaks into someones premises. What is wrong with this ideal? Just because it is reported on so much now doesn't give us the right to pretend it is not happening. What we don't see won't hurt us! Pretending it doesn't happen, does not keep our children safe or make the victims feel like they have obtained justice.

Well I think it is about time we made a stand for children around the world who have experienced mental, physical or sexual abuse; or maybe all of these.

The laws need to represent the crime committed; what price do we place on our children's mental and physical wellbeing: not top mention the right to their own sexuality.

Sexualisation of everything in society has deemed children fair game for these criminals. Technology has become a tool of sorts; one that can be used to lure our children into a world of depravity.

We have placed our children in harms way without any even realising it. Or is it that we don''t want to think it would happen to us!

If these criminals want to do this then give them a punishment that fits. Make the penalties harsher; justice should prevail.

Every human being has a right to their own safety, especially children!

Maybe our society needs to take a good look at itself!

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