Sunday, April 17, 2011

'Carbon Tax'

I don't know about you, but I am feeling a little disillusioned by the 'Carbon Tax' that the Labour Party is trying to implement. It is clear now, that this is simply a tax to cover the spending that the government embarked on; to save us from the 'Global Financial Crisis'.

I am all for conserving energy and trying to lower the damage already done but this is turning into a farce. If we are to achieve anything from lowering our carbon footprint then all businesses whom emit enormous amounts of carbon into the atmosphere need to pay the tax. We cannot just pick and choose who pays and who doesn't.

What is surprising to me and to many Australians is the idea that businesses such a steel producers (who emit the most carbon emissions) will be exempt from paying this tax; while the average household will be taxed highly!

If we are to move forward in preserving what is left of this planet including our beautiful country, then everyone needs to pull their weight! Including those businesses who are crying poor; that keep saying: economically they cannot afford to pay the tax.

It is always the humble working population whom suffer the most; we don't see the politians in Canberra giving up their chaffeur driven cars and their tax-payer funded dinners and presentations. Instead we will be gaining yet another tax to add to the already highly taxed country that we are!

Yes this is me venting, but I am sick of not being able to move forward without the government (whom is suppose to be working for us) making us pay for their mistakes! They make a mistake and we have to pick up the tab!

What happened to the ideals of this country?

There must be a solution to the government's over spending and lack of surplus problems, without penalising the general public.

What is lost in amongst this fight, is the people of Australia whom are still struggling without their homes after the Victorian Bushfires and now the people in Queensland and Victoria whom have no homes due to disputes over insurance claims!

Climate change problems; YES; but what about the Aussie battler; the ones whom always get a raw deal! Isn't the government voted in by these very same people?

The solution: Change the rules for voting! If a government promises something they do not keep, then they can lose their place as the ruling party! No more highly marketed PR stunts to gain votes!

As for the highly suspect 'Carbon Tax' maybe it should be scrapped just like the 'Smart Meters'!

Let's find a better solution!