Friday, May 21, 2010

"Good Old Friday"

Isn't Friday the best day of the week?

I think just about everybody loves Friday's. The day of the week where everyone comes to work or school feeling happy!

Unlike the middle of the week, and of course the dreaded Monday's. Friday's are positively the happiest day of the week. Well I think they are anyway.

On Friday's you are aware that the weekend is near and it is time for relaxation. The weekend's thoughts revolve around whether you plan to rise from slumber early or late; you can decide not to rush off without eating a sumptuous breakfast and you don't have to wear the appropriate apparel. The weekend belongs to tracksuit pants, slippers and the newspaper.

Even though you are aware, somewhere in the back of your mind, that all the work will be there when you arrive on Monday, Friday's are designated for "what are you doing on the weekend?" conversations. It is the topic of choice.

Lets see, what am I doing? Well hopefully as little as possible. I somehow do not think I will get away with not doing any type of work over the weekend.

I would love to finish the novel I am reading, maybe start another from the stacks of books just waiting for my attention. I would like to catch up with my Mum as I am sure that she has forgotten what I look like. Finally I would like to spend Sunday with my husband and boys, maybe take a stroll or grab a bite to eat together.

This is a lot to fit into two days. Who else thinks that rallying for a three day weekend is the go?
Let's turn the dreaded Monday into another day of leisure. I do not like my chances!

All who read this blog should go forth and indulge, put on your comfy clothes, listen to your favourite music or just sleep the weekend away. Aren't Friday's great?

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  1. Fridays are great! I even had a day off of study too! I loved the needed sleep in (catching up on all those late nights!) and had a good family day, which is always good!
    Fridays are the 'low batteries' stage, getting plugged back into the power source over the weekend! :D