Wednesday, May 5, 2010

'I Am A Blogger'

Now that I can officially call myself a blogger, what do I now talk about? I hear that people who blog; blog for all different reasons. Personal blogs, blogs about experiences, and blogs involving drivel. The world of participation in this form of mass communication is quite frankly thrilling!

Well this blog could involve all those things and more! What's in a name? I have been researching blog titles and am enthralled and astounded by the vast discriptive names people use. You are probably thinking well don't you have an interesting title. Well yes I do. I've included a bit of movie trivia combined with an analogy of sorts to writing.

"Tweaking" your work is only a small entity that relates to preparing, editing and distributing the fruits of your labour. It is what writers do!

The day in the life of a writer who is also a full time student; a student of literature; a student of professional writing and editing can leave little time to produce exceptional incite encased in a piece of work. However this blog with all its tweaking and all its drivel is of course a piece of work, an entity of its own, sent out into the world wide web for all to peruse.

The aim is for all you readers of blogs to obtain, something worthy from all this gibberish!
Along the way I hope to captivate you with subjects that affect us all. Maybe get some feedback from all the anonymous readership and develop a forum for the lives of student writers everywhere. World Wide would be good!

Lets break the perception of writers who sit alone at their computers! Lets start networking! We can learn and laugh from each other and hopefully develop friendships from all this drivel.

Seeing this kind of interaction allows the writer to express themselves without any contact, I will leave this blog with a quote from

Victor Borge: Laughter is the shortest distance between two people!

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