Saturday, May 28, 2011

'Tweaking My Office Space'

Isn't it hard to dispose of all those magazines you have been accumulating over the years? I have been trying to organise my office space so that it becomes more efficient for my needs. I have been buying magazines for so long that I even went out to buy folders to keep them in!

So I thought to arrange my space with more workability I had to purge all that I did not need. I got rid of about fifty or sixty mags that were starting to become dreaded 'clutter' and then I moved to my ever consuming piles of work that have taken over my unconventional filing system. I kept thinking that what looks clean is clean! I emerged from my delusion and thought that it was important to do something to gain back some control!

After spending a whole day going through all the individual pieces of paper, I finished no better off than I was before. My desk is still not clear but I now have put it down to the end of semester and all that comes with trying to get assessments in on time.

Oh well, I am back in that delusional state! Maybe I can finally get it cleaned up during the break!