Wednesday, February 16, 2011

'Catching up on Reading'

I am now having to catch up on my reading after spending the holidays being lazy. I had all these grand plans to prepare for the up and coming classes by reading the set texts for each subject. Well of course I didn't!

I have, however,caught up on some of the text: Joseph Furphy's Such is Life-Chapter Five; Barbara Baynton's The Chosen Vessel; Henry Lawson's The Drover's Wife and The Union Buries It's Dead; That There Dog Of Mine; Mitchell: A Character Sketch and I have also started to read Kate Grenville's The Secret River.

So I am desperately trying to catch up, so I am prepared for class for the week beginning the 1st March.

It has been such a rush to read through each story that I now find they are blurring into each other. The themes represented are all similar, yet there are subtle differences. I did find the languages represented in Such is Life quite difficult to grasp. Sometimes I found it easier to try the accent, but still I found trouble reading it.

Anyway if I hadn't been lazy; all would be finished now.
Note to self: Don't be lazy next Christmas holidays! Read! Read! Read!

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