Tuesday, February 22, 2011

'Back to Classes'

Oh well! The break is over, spread forth those wings and head off to classes.

It is that time again, I am getting ready to head off to Uni again. Although I have started back at TAFE, it still doesn't feel like I am back yet. Before I know it I will be snowed under with an enormous amount of work which will take a lot of energy and mind power.

The break has been too long! Everyone I asked has said they thought the same thing. I guess it is just that you are go, go, go, whilst the academic year is in full swing, and when the holiday break comes, you are stumped as to what to do with all that extra time.

So although my head is currently in the space of 'TAFE', it will have to get into the space of Uni as well! I am trying to prepare, but like me it has been all in the last few weeks.

So, to all my fellow students, I say good luck for the very near academic year; may all of you get HD's and CD's for all your assessments!

That's my good luck prayer!

P.S Don't forget to 'tweak' all your work!

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