Monday, June 21, 2010

"Tweaking My Writing"

I started this blog to explore all the aspects of my own writing. I am traipsing through my own personal journey to discovery.

Everything that comes from writing something interesting and amazing comes from deep inside your passion for knowledge. I find that writing something good comes from developing my skills and nurturing my thirst for enlightenment.

Embarking on my own expedition into an unknown world, taking on the challenge and inventing a three dimensional character and arranging settings that enhance a plot give me a sense of adventure. Even if I am sitting in front of my computer!

I have also become a conscious contributor and consumer of everything life has to offer me. At forty years of age I plunged into a University degree that has only strengthened my determination to succeed. This course sits parallel with my need to thrive and my need to one day publish my work.

With each and every assessment that I submit I feel as if my writing is flourishing. I am building new abilities and I am becoming a better writer. After being a stay at home Mum for twenty years, University life is such a privilege. I feel as if I have found my niche.

I will continue to tweak my work, build my skills and spend my semester break creating blissfully funny narratives. I Hope!

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