Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Movie: "A Bright Star"

The Victorian Age, romanticism and poetry.

I recently watched this beautiful movie 'A Bright Star' whilst snuggling out of the cold. Sometimes it is just great to curl up watching a good movie.

I was and am captivated by this movie and couldn't recommend it more.

If you are a fan of Pride and Prejudice, then you will like this too.

Set around the Victorian era, this film takes you on a romantic journey into the life of John Keats. I was taken with the wonderful cinematography and the poetic dialogue of this movie.

John Keats and his short but romantic life is captured brilliantly. His romance with Fanny Brawne delves into the shear agony and depths of pain one feels when they are separated from their first love.

Abby Cornish plays beautiful Fanny Brawne and Ben Wishaw plays John Keats. The onscreen chemistry is powerful, romantic and mesmerising.

I was drawn into their world where all that mattered was their obsession for one another. I felt every painful surge along with Fanny Brawne. Every heart wrenching moment tugs at your heart strings. You wanted the romantic marriage, the infatuation to continue.

I must say that I did not want it to end as it did! Watch it I know you will love it!

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  1. Cool. I keep seeing this movie in the store and have wondered what it is about. I will definitely try to watch it.