Thursday, December 16, 2010

'The Adaptation'

Constantly I am surprised at the film Industries idea of adaptation. I am in the midst of reading 'Under the Tuscan Sun' by Frances Mayes. I have had the DVD in my collection for many years and I consider it one of my favourites, however I am always disappointed by the lack of accuracy.

Although some characters have been changed and the true recollections of Frances have been romanticized, I now look at one of my favourite films in a new light. I see how much differs from the book and I sigh. I am not oblivious to the time constraints of film or the demands to make a narrative marketable, but I wish that some books could be adapted without too many changes.

Frances' journey was not as easy as portrayed in the film and she was already in her relationship before buying 'Bramasole' which differs from the film. It is clear that to have your book adapted to the big screen would be wonderful, so I guess there must be sacrifices for success.

My opinion is that some stories are drastically altered to be marketable to the viewer; I guess it is like editing. Publishers edit books to make them marketable. Obviously film companies do to.

How much of the true story has to be cut before making the film version?

I open the title page of my secondhand copy and I am excited at the prospect of reliving Tuscany's light; there on the page lies a tribute from a daughter to her Dad:
Dear Dad,
Auguri e buon Natale.
With best wishes, Anthony and Ana Maria
Christmas 1997

Don't you just love picking up a book that has a past?

It is within these written lines, a story becomes possible for adaptation. I wish the whole story could be told!

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