Wednesday, October 13, 2010

'A compliment goes a long way'

There is something said for the power of a compliment. If you are the receiver of such a thing then it makes you feel good. If you are the giver of such gestures then it is usually received with a smile and a thanks.

I am usually the giver, but every so often I am given such nice words from sometimes a complete stranger. Why does this surprise me? I guess it is the world we live in. I hear this everywhere, 'our society is uncaring' or 'people are just so busy these days', I don't believe for a minute that we cannot take the time to give credit when credit is due or say something nice to someone once a day.

What surprises me is that sometimes people want praise and think they deserve some even though they do not like to reciprocate such an action. Maybe they think they don't have the time to be nice.

I am humbled and sometimes left in disbelief when someone says my 'writing is good' or 'you are a nice person' and 'thanks for your help'. I don't know why taking a compliment is so hard. I guess we are our own biggest critics sometimes.

A compliment a day. I wonder, can we do it!

It is the act of kindness to a fellow human being that keeps us grounded and quite frankly sane. Let there be compliments for everyone!

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  1. I definitely agree! I think a lot of people (including myself) think more about when others should compliment them and completely forget to compliment the other person.
    Good aim! :D