Saturday, August 7, 2010

'Clowns In Big Shoes'

I cannot believe the state of the current election campaigns. Can it get any worse? Clearly we haven't got anyone in or going for the top job that has any descent policies. I am disappointed that it seems we have a bunch of clowns in big shoes who keep falling over themselves.

Mistake after mistake is all both sides seem to be making. What does seem clear to me is that I do not think Julia Gillard is really running this country. The Australian Labor Party strip Kevin Rudd of his post and now have done a back-flip and reinstated him to the frontbench. I do think they are in severe damage control, hoping to wipe the mud from their faces.

The coalition are not much better, dare we forget that they kicked out Malcolm Turnbull, I guess atleast they didn't kick out the Prime Minister. Their election campaign centres around the cheap swipe policy. This policy entails complaining about everything the ALP is doing.

Disillusioned with both parties I am unsure where to place my vote. Again we the Australian people, have to settle for the lesser of the two evils. Or should I put it like this, which of the leaders we 'least trust the least'. Which is which?

How many clowns fit into a mini? I guess at the moment both the ALP and the Coalition could hold a circus bonanza under the big top. We can vote for the best performance.

Good luck to you all. Hopefully the 'Ringmaster' will step in!

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